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Damn you thursdays!

Okay-- So i need a place to vent where my boyfriend won't see this. haha

I agreed to apply to grad schools in montreal, to ya know... be closer to him (for a limited of time) because i dont want to live there perminantly. I love my family and my friends and i cant leave them. I just...can't. That and the whole... french being the main language there and i dont speak a word of it...

and my boyfriend's been telling me recently how much he hates the united states. how he never wants to live here. He used to tell me, that if we ever got to that point in the relationship i would never have to ask him to move. that he understands how i need to be here...

and now? It seems i will end up going there, or nothing. No compromise...nothing...he loathes the states, and never wants to be here. I'm willing to go there for a few see if things work out when we're close and he's not willing to make any compromise or anything...

This is the first time i've ever felt that our relationship has no future...

And it just -happens- to be on a thursday.
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